Sakhri Hydroger Project (Meghalaya)

Enhancing livelihood through hydroger lightsSakhri a village of 35 households is located 346 kms from Shillong in East Jaintia Hills district having coordinates: N-25 08’ 28.6”, E-092 24’ 43.2” along the Shillong-Agartala National Highway. It takes about an hour on foot to reach the village as it is not connected by road.

A 3Kw hydroger was installed in convergence with the Meghalaya Rural Development Society (MRDS) from 29thJan - 4th Feb ‘2013. The installation was a success due to the active participation of the villagers and MRDS members. In-situ training was given to them in all facets of Hydroger installation.




Impacts :

  1. Sustainable clean green energy provided
  2. Village life has improved
  3. Children have longer study hours
  4. Livelihood activities such as sorting of betel nuts, betel leaves and brooms at night have been enhanced
  5. Awareness created on catchment area/biodiversity conservation