Progressive Farmer Kiphire

Beneficiary with NEPeD members“My savings and earnings have considerably increased” says Lichemse Sangtam from his farmhouse 9 km from Kiphire town. Before NEPeD’s entry, Sangtam had a small nursery. Installation of the 3 kW Impulse Hydroger enabled him to start a goatery, poultry rearing and Pisces culture while also increasing the scale of his nursery activities. This he attributes to the availability of light to work extra hours after sundown and for lighting the respective sheds. “My expenditure on kerosene oil and candles for lighting has stopped completely” he says adding “We enjoy uninterrupted power supply unlike in the town and village areas” (where power cuts are frequent and long).
Usually, after passing through the Hydroger, the water is channelled back into the river or stream. But, Sangtam has developed his farm in such a way that after the water passes through the Hydroger, it is channelled into 4 fisheries and then further on to irrigate his paddy fields before being channelled back into the stream.

Added advantages he said included better communication because ofGazebo lit up at farm mobile charging for which they previously had to go to the town and the convergence of Agri and allied activities like trainings and workshops owing to the availability of electricity for lighting and also for running learning aids. “Not only the farmhouse but even villagers from surrounding villages come for charging their mobile handsets whenever there are long power cuts” Sangtam happily says and adds, “We do not charge anything for letting them charge their phones”. Elaborating on the improved quality time for his farmhands, Sangtam says, “After the installation of Hydroger, my farmhands often make handcrafts for selling and get to relax listening to their tape recorder. This provides them relaxation after a hard day’s work”
“All these benefits from the Hydroger have greatly increased my income and I am thankful to NEPeD for helping me” he concludes.